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Romanian SeasideBright, endless, spreading its blue over the horizon, calm or insurgent, the sea fascinates you with its mysterious personality. Continuously changing, the immense spread of water reveals itself quiet or singing under the first sunrays, idyllically reflecting the morning light. As you walk on the beaches with soft sand, feeling the gentle breeze, you will hear the Black Sea disclosing its secrets and urging you to daydream even more. The pure and wild beauty of the waves crashing at the shore and the quivering of its depths irredeemably take hold of you, thus turning the Romanian sea-coast into the perfect destination for your summer holidays. The Romanian coast is full of places inviting you to relax, meditate or have fun till dawn. The golden sand, the cool breeze, the charming sea, the bustle of the clubs and the romantic walks on the cliff – these are the ingredients of an unforgettable holiday on the shore of the Black Sea.

Offshore, the sea hides ancient secrets. In ancient times, its shores housed several cities founded by the Greeks. Later on, the localities in Dobrogea area – Callatis, Tomis, Histria – were occupied by the Romans and then went under the byzantine rule. Starting with the 13th century, Genovese and Venetian merchants instituted their commercial monopoly here. Two centuries later, Russia and the Ottoman Empire disputed over this territory, given to the Romanians after achieving their state independence. The ruins of Tomis and Callatis citadels and some medieval shipwrecks are accessible to professional divers during the sea’s lull periods.

The Resorts on the Shore of the Black Sea

Romanian Seaside ResortsThe Romanian sea-coast comprises many resorts named after planets, each having its own atmosphere and offering different types of entertainment. Depending on the expectations you have for your holiday and the way you want to have fun, you can choose between the numerous hotels from Mamaia to 2 Mai. Furthermore, the distance between some beaches is small, making it easier for you to discover the specific of each resort.

Fun and Exuberance at Mamaia

If you want an animated vacation, spent with your friends in clubs and discos, Mamaia is the perfect choice. Situated on the western shore of the sea, the area is extremely crowded in the estival season, when tourists are attracted to the modern accommodation units and the bustle of the resort. Once, there was a fishermen village here, with people living in improvised homes; once the first wooden houses appeared the number of the buildings raised continuously and presently, Mamaia is known as the most luxurious resort on the Romanian coast.

The northern portion of the beach is filled with restaurants and terraces where the fun continues even during noon. Among chaise longues and fourposters with canopies, near the famous clubs, entertainers cheer up the atmosphere throwing theme parties. Nightlife is dazzling at Mamaia. In clubs you will meet young people eager to have fun, fully enjoying their holiday. Some locations are pretty pricy, but rest assured that you will also find accessible places to dine or buy souvenirs.

MamaiaWhen you want to change the background of a crowded beach we recommend you visit the Holiday Village, a cheerful and picturesque place housing restaurants with Romanian menus. Here you can walk, taste delicious and traditional Romanian dishes, and pump some adrenaline in the amusement park. Children will be fascinated with the games of lights and colors and the numerous carousels. Furthermore, if you are thrill-seekers, be sure to visit Aqua Magic Park, one of the most attractive in Romania. The water slides, the pools, the waterfalls and restaurants accessible to all guarantee you a day full of joy and fun. Don’t miss the beautiful panorama above Mamaia that you can see in the cable car. From a height, the view over the beach and the sea bathed in sunlight is amazing; you will see Lake Siutghiol, frequented by those who love water skiing or yachting and the Casino, an emblematic building on the coast line.

In the evening, after a hot day, you can take advantage of the quietness of the sea and the breeze by going for a walk on the pontoon. You will definitely not get bored in Mamaia; whether you like the bustle of the clubs or the relaxing beaches, you will find infinite ways to spend your spare time here. 

Health Benefits at Eforie

Eforie NordEforie Nord and Eforie Sud are two resorts sought for their treatment facilities, combining classic procedures with natural factors. Open for tourists all throughout the year, they offer treatments for circulatory, respiratory, rheumatic and dermatological conditions, but also for obesity and rickets. Furthermore, on the shore of Lake Techirghiol they do cold mud wraps, recommended for chronic fatigue or anemia.

The beaches are quiet, clean and with soft sand, while on the cliff there are numerous restaurants, terraces and stores. You will also find playgrounds for children and if you want an animated evening, you can attend the shows of the Summer Theatre or the sports and mini golf grounds.  Although they are even more alive after sunset, these two resorts are usually frequented by those who want a relaxing holiday to charge their batteries.

CostineÅŸti the Effervescent

Due to the ‘waves’ of students it accommodates every year, CostineÅŸti got the name of 'the resort of the young people’, presently welcoming its guests in a cheerful atmosphere. If during the day the beach is crowded with tourists who take advantage of the sun’s heat and the breeze, at night, the clubs and the terraces are the main attraction. Indoor and outdoor discos throw concerts which gather fans of dance and music.

CostinestiCostineÅŸti is characterized by agitation; you can enjoy the water and the sun on the beach, you can practice water sports and enjoy a ride by boat or hydrobike. At the heart of the resort there are playgrounds for children and sports grounds, so you can’t get bored. The accommodation offer is very generous, varying from hotels to villas and board and lodgings with accessible prices. You can also opt for bungalows and camping areas which don’t allow you to miss the magic moment of the sunrise.

The resort has two renowned symbols: the Obelisk and the Evanghelia shipwreck. In the evening, the Obelisk area is intensely visited by people as a rendezvous place or one where they take pictures. The shipwreck can be seen from the beach and reached at large by boat. The Evanghelia used to be a commercial ship under Greek pavilion, transporting a ship engine to Constanţa on its last journey. After shipwrecking on a bank of sand near Costineşti, the boat was abandoned by the crew and in time it became a landmark of the resort.

In CostineÅŸti you feel young at any age. The effervescence of the place will win you over, along with the mischievous appearance of the adolescents and the guitar tunes played around campfires.

Family Relaxation at Neptun-Olimp

Neptun OlimpOut of all the resorts on the coast of the Black Sea, Neptun is set in a picturesque natural location. Also called Romania’s Côte d'Azur, it has many green spaces and beaches with fine sand. The elegance of the place is given by the architecture of the buildings, by the vegetation around hotels, the terraces which give intimacy to tourists and the quietness specific for the resort. The beach in Neptun is delimited by reed fences and here and there you will find terraces and stores. The beach in Olimp stands out with its gulfs. The best place to build sand castles with your children is La SteguleÅ£e beach, where you can enter the sea smoothly and the depth of the water at the shore is low.

Nightlife in Neptun-Olimp is not impressive, as tourists who come here prefer to walk on the cliff at dawn or listen to the song of the sea at the terraces. If you wish to explore the surroundings we recommend a layover near Neptun and Tatlageac Lakes or a picnic in Comorova forest. In the resort there are volleyball and sand football grounds, a mini golf area or one where you can benefit from aerosols. Near Olimp you can dine at a fish restaurant with fresh and delicious dishes, some of the most appreciated on the coast.

Neptun and Olimp resorts are perfect destinations for you and your family if you want a relaxing holiday, to listen to the waves and seagulls and admire the endless sea.

Jupiter, an Oasis of Coolness

JupiterDelimited by two lakes and a forest, Jupiter resort has large green spaces, a refuge during torrid summer days. On a narrow beach, furrowed by a few gulfs, you will find chaise longues and umbrellas, but also places to lay your own mats. The hotels are situated very close to the sea, and you can admire the first sunrays from the balcony of your own room. In the north there is another little resort, Cap Aurora, charming in its simplicity, but with fewer offers to spend your spare time. Here, the shore is more abrupt, and you can enter the water on stairs or alleys in the sand.

For those who love water sports, at the border between Jupiter and Cap Aurora there is a diving center from where you can rent ski-jets, canoes or hydrobikes. The little ones will definitely have fun on The Children’s Beach, which is set up with swings, water slides, pools and a playground. If you want some outdoor activity, you have football, volleyball and tennis fields. In the evening, the romantics can enjoy a walk under moonlight, in the discreet company of the sea.

An Escape from Routine at Venus and Saturn

Venus SaturnA resort which satisfies even the most pretentious tastes is Venus. The wide beach with its golden sand is ideal for those who want to benefit from the sun’s therapeutic effects and the sea’s water. The resort also has a balneoclimateric role, due to its mineral waters recommended in treating spondylosis, posttraumatic states and skin diseases. A holiday at the seaside doesn’t only mean lying on a lounge, so those who are more energetic can practice yachting, windsurfing, canoeing, scuba diving, tennis, football or basketball. The lodging offer is generous and varied, and so, no matter the budget, you will find a place to feel good in during your holiday. Each year, the resort named after a goddess houses a popular event among adults – Liberty Parade, but the children can also have fun when the Circus comes to town. Not crowded and away from noisy terraces, the resort has the perfect setting to forget about your problems and relax at ease.

Saturn resort offers basically the same conditions as its northern neighbor. Furthermore, there are two treatment bases where they treat various conditions with therapeutic mud and sulphureous springs. The healthy natural factors, the facilities for all ages and the two holiday villages – Delta and DunÓ‘rea – attract tourists eager to rediscover the sea each year.

Mangalia, the Balneoclimateric Resort

2 Mai - Vama VecheMangalia is the most important balneoclimateric resort on the coast of the Black Sea, sought by those who need physical recuperation. Two modern treatment bases are at your disposal offering diverse therapeutic procedures: kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture. There are lots of fun activities you can enjoy on the beach, while in town you can find terraces and nightclubs where you can party till dawn. An attraction you don’t have to miss is the Tourist Harbor, one of the most appreciated on the western coast. Trips to other resorts on the coast start here, but also to cities across border: Istanbul, Varna, Odessa, Yalta. The landscape in Mangalia favors relaxing sojourns, away from worries and stress, as here you can create a harmonious communion with the sea.

If you’re on a budget, don’t hesitate to opt for 2 Mai resort. Here you can find accomodation at villas or board and lodgings or you can camp for a few days on the beach. Although it doesn’t abound in modern locations, the resort is sought for its intimate and rustic atmosphere.

The sea is charming in any season with its imposing and mysterious aura. Whether you discover it calm and bright or insurgent and crushing by the cliffs, it always impels you to dream. The endless blue pierced by the sunrays, the caress of the sand and the playful seagulls will relentlessly lure you to the song of the waves. The resorts on the coast will offer you a splendid holiday, with moments of absolute quietness and fun evenings spent with friends. 

[An article written by Andreea Bertea]