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Salsa Addicted Festival

The Salsa Addicted Festival awaits for all salsa fans to heat up the dance floor and party till the break of dawn. The cheerfulness, the show, the music and the people you meet here, all contribute to creating a holiday atmosphere, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.

"The Youth Of Brasov" Parade

The "Junii Brasovului" fest is one of the most beautiful open air parades in Romania. Marking the beginning of the spring, the celebration emphasizes the beauty of the city under Mount Tampa, the old traditions kept by the elders, the music, dances and the skills of the young men.

Sunwaves Festival

"Sunwaves" equals energy, good time at the beach, quality music, dancing and unforgettable nights. Come to Mamaia together with your friends, forget about your worries and you’ll have an amazing experience by the sea.

Apulum Roman Festival

For three days in a row, the Alba Carolina Fortress commemorates history, reminding us of the fearsome deeds of the Dacians and the Romans. The thematic workshops, combat demonstations, exhibits, together with the games and dances create a holiday-like atmosphere which attracts thousands of tourists.


EUROPAfest is much more than a music festival, it is a memorable celebration of elegance, of creative spirit and innovation. Days full of emotion and energy await you along with an unforgettable atmosphere.

Transylvania 100

Transylvania Trail Traverse is a race for runners who have no limits. So accept the challenge. Ready, steady, go !

Sibiu Jazz Festival

Sibiu Jazz Festival is a real celebration of the spirit’s freedom. Artists and spectators get together in the name of quality music and enjoy memorable moments.

Transilvania International Film Festival

The Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) is the first international feature film festival in Romania and throughout time, it has become a representative event for the international cinematography.

"Electric Castle" Festival

"Electric Castle" was born in 2013 and takes place each year at the Banffy Castle in Bontida. It is the biggest music festival in Romania and the first to move the live concerts in a castle of impressive history, once considered Transylvania s Versailles.

Medieval Sighisoara Fest

Sighisoara Medievala Fest has a different theme each year, offering the tourists the opportunity to go on a journey in time on the streets of the fortress. The setting, the music, the characters coming from a different epoch, the traditions and the shows create a fascinating atmosphere which we invite you to discover.

ARTmania Festival

ARTmania Festival reunites the fine arts in a space known for its cultural richness. At Sibiu you will enjoy good music and guaranteed fun and you will be able to visit the city s most attractive places.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest

Come charge yourself with energy, take your tent and be a part of this large scale festival. You will experience great fun, adventure, quality music, friends and fresh air.

"Untold" Festival

"Untold" Festival promises to always be electrifying and full of surprises. Hence, do not miss this unique sensory experience !

Vama Veche Salsa Week

"Vama Veche Salsa Week" is a genuine event, dedicated to energetic people who can enjoy and appreciate music and dancing. Come to Vama Veche and you will get the taste of the Latino atmosphere right on the sea shore.

"Folk You" Festival

Take your tent and come to enjoy one of the most beautiful folk festivals in Romania. You will listen to good music, meet beautiful and cheerful people, and enjoy the beach and the sea.

"Summer Well" Festival

The "Summer Well" Festival offers a holiday weekend full of energy and surprises in fairytale-like surrounding. Don’t miss this unique experience !

"Bucovina Rock Castle" Festival

The „Bucovina Rock Castle” Festival brings rock music into a place full of history. You should definitely choose Suceava as a holiday destination and experience an energizing weekend and good music.

“George Enescu” Festival

Elegant, full of energy and creative spirit, George Enescu Festival promotes our cultural values in a distinguished atmosphere which wins you over from the first day. Discover pure happiness on classical music tunes !

Plai Festival

"Plai" Festival is a mini-vacation at the end of summer. Each member of the family will definitely find an attractive activity and discover new passions here. So take your tent, set it in the museum camping and enjoy a wonderful weekend in nature.