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About Us


The website ‘Romania Travel Guide’ is one of the main projects supported by the non-governmental organization “Romania Online”. The project started to take shape in 2012 at the initiative of a young group of students that have dedicated their time and effort in making this project come true.


The main goals of the project are to:

  • promote Romania as an attractive travel destination;
  • develop a country brand within the tourism industry;
  • increase the volume of tourist traffic;
  • create free downloadable e-books for tourists (interesting events, main attractions, best accommodation and more);
  • create free downloadable mobile travel info Apps;


Everyone can contribute in developing this project with original ideas, online marketing and promoting, integration in social media or financial support.

Together with our partners, we aim to make widely accessible the travel information regarding Romania all over the world.  


Cooperation agreements and partners:



  Trandafir Liviu administrator for website.


Trail Traverse Transylvania


  Mihai Zlavog promoter of Transylvania Trail Traverse event.