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Towns & Cities


You should visit the balnear resort Sovata if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday, with entertainment in store for all ages. Relaxation is the key word in this town surrounded by forests and bathed in beneficial lakes. Sovata presents itself as the most famous and picturesque spa resort in Transylvania. The lakes attract the most tourists, because of the treatments one can find here for different conditions, but the town also has tourist attractions worth visiting.


The sea is charming in any season with its imposing and mysterious aura. Whether you discover it calm and bright or insurgent and crushing by the cliffs, it always impels you to dream. The endless blue pierced by the sunrays, the caress of the sand and the playful seagulls will relentlessly lure you to the song of the waves. The resorts on the coast will offer you a splendid holiday, with moments of absolute quietness and fun evenings spent with friends.




The atmosphere of Alba Carolina fortress can hardly be described in words; it needs to be discovered and shared. Historical evidences are everywhere and the memory of the Romanian heroes is captured in the stone of the old walls. Furthermore, the city is an ideal destination if you want to relax, a lively place waiting for tourists of all ages.


SighiÅŸoara seems to have come out of a history movie. At every step you can expect to meet a graceful young lady, an elegant knight, zealous craftsmen or merchants preoccupied with selling their goods. The old burg charms you from the very beginning and invites you to enjoy its delightful medieval atmosphere.


Oradea is a genuine architectural spectacle, a city which combines the old and the new in an elegant and pleasant manner. The numerous palaces, the churches belonging to different cults and the historic monuments reflect the aesthetic richness and diversity of a city which reminds of the Belle Époque. To the tourist, a walk on the streets of Oradea and on the shore of the Crişul Repede reveals bits of history dressed in the baroque, neoclassic or secession style. The urban sceneries are refined and complex, offering unique shots to passionate photographers.


Sibiu is the ultimate tourist town, filled with beautiful places and unique architecture worthy of being discovered and admired. The coquettish Transylvanian Saxon bourg seems like a labyrinth of narrow streets, revealing tourist attractions with enchanting stories at every step. The medieval charm is evoked by the massive walls of the citadel, by the numerous passage ways and towers of the guilds, by the architectural richness harmoniously combining western and oriental styles.


BuÅŸteni is an oasis of relaxation at the foot of the Bucegi, a resort for those who are looking for a quiet place, fresh air and picturesque sceneries. Accompanied by the silhouette of the mighty Caraiman, you will discover a delightful corner of nature, perfect for a family weekend, but also for a long vacation to test your powers on the mountain tracks.


Piatra Neamt is one of the oldest cities in Moldavia, representing a page in the history of this region. Surrounded by mountains from all sides and traversed by the Bistriţa, the city attracts tourists because of its fresh air and the old buildings with the stories they preserve. The natural sceneries are alluring in any season and invite you to go on a hike or venture on the ski slopes on Mount Cozla.