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Situated at the heart of Transylvania, between valleys and smooth hills, creating a special, picturesque setting, Rupea is one of the few towns which have kept its authentic beauty. The traditional Saxon architecture, characterized by spacious houses, very high gates and richly decorated windows, enhances this area with the coziness and harmony specific to the Transylvanian region. On the alleyways of the villages, simple and welcoming people will open their doors to you, sharing stories they once heard from their forefathers.


Bran Castle is the main attraction of the area, a place which harmoniously blends nature’s charm and the legends’ mystery. Hidden among the branches of the trees, the fairytale-like silhouette of the castle enhances your curiosity and eagerness to learn about its history. Stepping into the yard, you are immediately drawn into a medieval atmosphere where you become the witness of secular events.


The peaceful quietness, the surroundings, the spirituality and the picturesque irresistibly draw you to this area, which was once a territory covered by waters, then found by dinosaurs and conquered by wild animals somewhere, on the crests of the Retezat Mountains. The inhabitants of these places are left with a history written in stone, preserved by the numerous fortresses, medieval castles, defense towers and churches. Wherever you turn in Hateg, you find a building to catch your eye, a breathtaking scenery, a story that will stay with you for a long time.


On the Transalpina, the green of the grass and the blue of the sky seem to unite in a splendid view, of a moving beauty, meant to reward you with a refreshing state of mind. The adrenaline given by the narrow serpentines, the fresh mountain air, the murmur of the forest and the lofty crests turn this winding road into the perfect destination for those who feel the need to get away. Recharge your batteries away from the noisy cities in this unforgettable place, where silence is broken only by the birds of the sky.


Maramures is the land where history and tradition have been kept, carved in the wood of the mighty gates and on the merry crosses of Sapanta. The pure beauty of this area, the wild sceneries, the alleys where you can meet simple, friendly people, the tall churches and the simple houses, they all make you fall in love with this corner of Romania and come back any time you wish to relax or visit amazing places.


The Danube Delta is a place full of life where the river embraces the sea, splitting into the numerous arms of a mysterious, surreally beautiful labyrinth. It suffices to pass through these places once and you irrecoverably fall in love with this wild nature corner, a paradise for flying creatures shooting up from nowhere. From the very first waves, you are taken over by the Delta’s vibe, by the welcoming people luring you with delicious fish dishes or by the tales told by the fire.


Bukovina is a charming corner of heaven, full of history and traditions, a land unaltered by the present day modernity. The rich forests, the bright groves and the wide grasslands lying under the sun rays create unique and surprising sceneries which please the eye. The haystacks dotted about, the merry clink of bells on the hills, the wagons which break the silence on the alleyways, the wells with their cold, clear water, they all seem taken out of a fairy tale told by our grandparents.


Transfagarasan is considered one of the most impressive highways in Europe, it crosses the highest alpine unit in Romania, the Fagaras Mountains, which connects the two historical regions Muntenia and Ardeal. Along the 92 kilometers between the village near Sibiu called Cartisoara and the Bascov village, in Arges County, Transfagarasan unfolds spectacular sights. “The road among clouds” deserves to be traversed for the wonderful sights it unfolds, because it takes the traveler’s breath with every turn.


Nowhere else is the Danube more whirling and more impressive than it is at the Gorges. Here is the place where the river struggles itself, attacking the mountain stormily and making its way into the stones. The mysterious Danube seems to be boiling in this part; very strong currents in the depths give the impression of hot-boiling water. The Danube Gorges represent the most picturesque part of the Danube’s Canyon at its passing through the Carpathians. On a nine kilometers line length, the river has dug its way into the rocks, being at the same time the border between Romania and Serbia.


The surroundings of Braşov bear the mark of the historical events which they have faced throughout time, and welcome the tourists with an atmosphere reviving the charm of medieval times. If you want a truly relaxing vacation, during which you can discover the mysteries of the fortifications, but also the enigmas of rupestral monasteries, Râşnov, Şinca Veche and Prejmer are the perfect places for you to visit.


The region around the area Bicaz Gorge - the Red Lake is the perfect destination for rest, relax, leisure, but also for those who want to venture into hiking trips, nature trails or to climb the rocks. The ever green woods give a specially pictoresque note, a sight which will give you the joy of fresh, clean air and the pleasure of wonderful . You must discover the paradise between the stone mountain sides of the gorge and the hidden secrets in the spectacular canyon, trying at the same time to catch a glimpse of the rare species of plants and beasts.


The surroundings of Turda City combine spectacular natural sceneries, the magic of the underground galleries and the picturesque atmosphere of the Transylvanian villages. The grandiose gorges of Turda, accompanied by the melodious murmur of Hăşdate River reveal threatening rocks over which noisy gushes of water roll over, glades and smooth hills. After some outdoor hikes, Turda Saline offers genuine moments of relaxation, in a mysterious and surprising setting. These unique places, with their specific charm, are ideal destinations for relaxation and new discoveries.


Tara Motilor is an idyllic corner of country, so fascinating in its simplicity and picturesque that it seems taken out of collection photography albums. The sceneries reveal themselves in all their glory, in nuances of green, gold and light blue, for the rich forests, the fertile fields and the clear sky blend here. The stone land of the moti evokes the rural and the archaic more than any other region. The old customs and crafts still run the lives of the locals, remaining a legacy for the generation to come.