Mountain Activities

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Mountain Activities


In the Mehedinti Mountains and on the Cerna Valley, nature has created amazing, breathtaking sceneries. Either if you wish to explore the impressive gorges or you want to cool by the noisy waterfalls, conquer the heights or discover mysterious caves, the mountainous Banat offers an unexpected experience. Visit this area and you will enjoy a pleasant vacation, where you will relax and recharge your energy batteries.


Adventure, fun, fresh air, serenity, amazing sceneries, nature s surprising show; here are some things offered by the hikes on the tallest peaks of the Romanian Carpathians! The Fagaras harmoniously combines the roughness of the rocks with the delicacy of the edelweiss, the deafening sound of waterfalls with the cheerful birds trill, calmness and adrenaline. Piercing the sky, the mountain impels you to discover its most secret places and enjoy the freedom you will only come to know once you’ve walked on its paths.


The Parâng is a mirific land of wild sceneries, a delightful corner of nature, with turquoise lakes, green meadows, peaks which pierce the sky, crystalline rivers and unique caves. Stepping on its trails, you will discover the calm and harmony of the heights and you will admire the fascinating alpine world.


In the Trascӑu Mountains, the authentic mountain scenery and the rustic atmosphere, specific to the villages in the Apuseni, harmoniously combine and create an idyllic natural environment, perfect for adventure and relaxation. The Trascău Mountains reveal incredibly picturesque sceneries, of a bright green in summer and rubiginous in autumn. Along the trails you will not only discover numerous gorges and caves, cold springs and clear pans, but also the simple lifestyle of the moţi, in tune with nature.


The Rarău and the Giumalău are mountains which impress with their wilderness, being traveled by the lovers of authentic natural sceneries. Combining the abruptness and the greatness of the rocks with curious shapes and the harmony of the haystacks and the grass lands, they will lure you to the heights to offer spectacular panoramas. Their charm is enhanced by the picturesque of the traditional houses dotted about the hills and by the welcoming people, who keep their doors open for tourists.


Piatra Craiului is definitely an authentic mountain. The wild sceneries seen along the paths, the deep, menacing steeps, spectacular in their endlessness, the dented shining mountain crest, the imposing vertical walls, all prove its greatness and uniqueness. The suspended garden on the mountaintop will irremediably charm you with its delicate pinks, the bright green color of the juniper, with the rhododendron that colors the fields in pink.


Either you climb the mountain in the summer, on trails bathed in the sun, or in the winter between the snowy trees, the Ceahlau always has wonderful landscapes to show tourists. Majestic, imposing, a rocky castle with towers, the massif lets you gradually discover its legends and secrets while remaining an enigma. With picturesque landscapes, boulders with human shapes, crystal clear waters and mighty forests, the Ceahlau undeniably allures you and only lets you go after it had filled you with energy and enthusiasm.


Towering and imposing like a citadel, the Ciucas entwines harmoniously the rough rocks chiseled by wind and weather with colorful meadows and rich beech and spruce forests. With crests wrapped by clouds and covered by snow until late April or May, the massif gives you that feeling of freedom that springs from the calm and tranquility of heights. This world of stone colossus with bizarre shapes hides irresistible beauties, the Ciucas alluring you with that certain charm of massifs that keep mysteries.


If you decide to adventure on Rodna Mountains, charge your batteries some time before you start hiking. The dreamy panorama will take your breath away and will make you forget quickly about tiredness. As a matter of fact, you energize as soon as you see horses running loose on the meadows, enjoying freedom. With clear and cold waters, the towering crests pierce the sky, the abrupt paths and fresh air; Rodna Mountains fill you with energy and make you promise you will come again to discover their other mysteries.


Bucegi Mountains are a chest of legends and fascinating mysteries, a mixture of exceptional natural landscapes, filled with rich forests, wild valleys, wide glades, footpaths among the rocks and crests piercing the skies. With its fantasy of perfumes, colors and sensations, the massif offers you the feeling of ultimate freedom. Between the blue of the sky and the green of the hills surrounding you, there is an entire world worth discovering.


The PadiÅŸ Plateau is an idyllic corner of the world, a fascinating place where nature has preserved its wilderness and grandeur, weaving together the crude green of the open meadows with the abruptness of the rocky walls. Often frequented by those who love sceneries of unparalleled beauty, the area impresses through the multitude and diversity of its karstic formations; along the mountain routes you will see numerous sinkholes, caves, swallow-holes, canyons and spectacular gorges of unencountered splendor and grandeur.


On Nera’s Gorges and on Beusnitei Valley you will discover an oasis of wild beauty, with greenish-blue lakes and tempestuous waterfalls, rich forests and white bright cliffs. Whether you want a relaxing holiday where you can enjoy a quiet nature corner or you are searching for adventure, you will love this fascinating area. All you need is an equipped backpack and some adventure spirit to catch the amazing beauties displayed by the Aninei Mountains.


The jewel of the Romanian Carpathians, the massif with over 80 blue oases in which the sky reflects, as well as the cloud piercing mountain inviting you to discover its fascinating stories, this is the Retezat. If you want an active holiday, where you conquer the heights carrying your backpack or if you want to relax on the shores of the lakes all day long, away from the agitation and commotion of the cities, the Retezat massif is the perfect destination for you.


The Piatra Mare Mountains maintain the genuine wilderness of the forest, the color fantasy of the sunny glades and the resistless quietness of the heights. The paths ribbon along spectacular cliffs, mysterious caves and racing springs. On the paths of the mountain you will energize, enjoying the spectacle of the surrounding nature.