Historical Sights

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Historical Sights


Bran Castle is the main attraction of the area, a place which harmoniously blends nature’s charm and the legends’ mystery. Hidden among the branches of the trees, the fairytale-like silhouette of the castle enhances your curiosity and eagerness to learn about its history. Stepping into the yard, you are immediately drawn into a medieval atmosphere where you become the witness of secular events.


The peaceful quietness, the surroundings, the spirituality and the picturesque irresistibly draw you to this area, which was once a territory covered by waters, then found by dinosaurs and conquered by wild animals somewhere, on the crests of the Retezat Mountains. The inhabitants of these places are left with a history written in stone, preserved by the numerous fortresses, medieval castles, defense towers and churches. Wherever you turn in Hateg, you find a building to catch your eye, a breathtaking scenery, a story that will stay with you for a long time.


Situated at the heart of Transylvania, between valleys and smooth hills, creating a special, picturesque setting, Rupea is one of the few towns which have kept its authentic beauty. The traditional Saxon architecture, characterized by spacious houses, very high gates and richly decorated windows, enhances this area with the coziness and harmony specific to the Transylvanian region. On the alleyways of the villages, simple and welcoming people will open their doors to you, sharing stories they once heard from their forefathers.


The surroundings of Braşov bear the mark of the historical events which they have faced throughout time, and welcome the tourists with an atmosphere reviving the charm of medieval times. If you want a truly relaxing vacation, during which you can discover the mysteries of the fortifications, but also the enigmas of rupestral monasteries, Râşnov, Şinca Veche and Prejmer are the perfect places for you to visit.


The surroundings of Cluj city combine the nobiliary air of the castles with the pages of history written in the walls of the old fortresses. The quietness of the picturesque villages, much too little disturbed by modernity, the hospitality and kindness of the Transylvanians and the delicious traditional dishes, they will all make you fall in love with the charming rustic atmosphere in Transylvania. On top of it, add nature’s spectacular show in the grandiose Turda Gorges and the melodious murmur of the Hӑşdate River, accompanying you along your journey among rocks.


The destiny of the Romanian people was written in the Orastiei Mountains. The walls of the ancient fortresses speak of unknown legends, fragments of the history of our people. A part of them are unveiled at the beginning of autumn, during the DacFest festival at Costesti, when parades of ancient military costumes take place, as well as gladiator fights accompanied by the serving of traditional dishes. Although quiet, the Costesti Plateau hums with stories waiting to be discovered.


With its exceptional castles, Satu Mare County still evokes the atmosphere of the times when the pompous balls were an occasion for the stylish ladies and the gallant princes to meet. Unique buildings, with a special architecture, these stone jewels belonging to the people of Satu Mare are genuine bridges across centuries and testimonies of the glorious times they’ve lived. A holiday in Satu Mare will offer you the opportunity travel back in time and learn the fascinating stories of the noblemen here who have made their mark on these lands.


Sinaia still evokes the distinguished atmosphere of the royal residence. The town’s bohemian air is still felt on the train station platform on which several personalities have stepped, eager to discover the beauties at the foot of the Bucegi. The Casino awaits for you to discover its stories and intrigues, and the silhouette of the Peleş Castle takes you on a journey back in time. Whether you want to relax, enjoy the fresh air and the tranquility of the resort or you want to explore the surroundings and go on mountain hikes, Sinaia is a delightful destination, with a special charm.


Transylvanian villages are places blessed by nature, fairytale-like regions where history blends with delightful rural landscapes. Well-known foundations of Romanian folklore and ancient traditions, the dwelling places in eastern Rupea impress with their simplicity and spirituality, but also with the authenticity of the landscapes. On the alleys of Homorod, Racoş, Hoghiz or Caţa, you will meet hard working, friendly people, who heartily look after their beautiful households, but who don’t hesitate to interact with the curious visitor.


Surrounded by the stately crests of the Fagaraş Mountains, the Olt Land reveals some of the most enchanting sceneries to the traveler. Smooth hills bathed by the Olt River, peaks which seem to pierce the sky, wide valleys and picturesque villages form a genuine oasis of quietness, ideal for a relaxing vacation. Transylvania’s smooth hills hide architectural jewels which remind of the exuberance and refinement of nobiliary courts. So discover the princely atmosphere and the less known stories of the counts during a fascinating journey in time.


In the castles in the Székely Land you will discover bits of history, surprising architectural details and invaluable traditional creations. Apart from that, they preserve the authentic Székely spirit and they recreate the atmosphere of medieval times.


A vacation in the surroundings of Aiud will reveal memorable sceneries at every step. The fortresses full of history, the castles and their mysterious stories, the smooth hills in Valişoarei Gorges and the fascinating and picturesque air in Rîmetea offer an escapade from the bustle of the city. Come and discover an oasis of quietness and relaxation where you can kick back and charge yourself with energy.


Fairytale places dotted about the valleys and hills, the Saxon villages in Transylvania are soothing for your eyes and soul. Dwelling places rich in history and tradition they preserve the charm of the rural universe and a simple and cozy lifestyle, only slightly touched by modernity. The picturesque sceneries, the beautiful houses, the high wooden gates, the fortresses and castles call you to discover the wonderful lands from among the Carpathians. The old monuments carry you to the fascinating medieval epoch, revealing a mysterious and attractive world.


Northern Moldavia reveals bits of history preserved between the walls, picturesque sceneries and legends of the princely courts, all reunited in a surprising journey. The fortresses of Moldavia are genuine history lessons combined with legends, monuments in which the history of the people was decided. An impassable shield against the enemies, they preserve the memory of the Romanian rulers’ acts of bravery across times.


For the visitors from all over the world, Arad is a priceless archeological treasure, which houses a wide range of fortresses and castles that bear the print of important historical figures. Numerous Transylvanian vestiges and their novel landscapes turned MureÅŸ Valley into the Eastern-European Loire Valley. We invite you to discover the legends of the Romanian people written in stone, during a surprising and fascinating journey.