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Piatra Craiului


Piatra Craiului is definitely an authentic mountain. The wild sceneries seen along the paths, the deep, menacing steeps, spectacular in their endlessness, the dented shining mountain crest, the imposing vertical walls, all prove its greatness and uniqueness. The suspended garden on the mountaintop will irremediably charm you with its delicate pinks, the bright green color of the juniper, with the rhododendron that colors the fields in pink.



Either you climb the mountain in the summer, on trails bathed in the sun, or in the winter between the snowy trees, the Ceahlau always has wonderful landscapes to show tourists. Majestic, imposing, a rocky castle with towers, the massif lets you gradually discover its legends and secrets while remaining an enigma. With picturesque landscapes, boulders with human shapes, crystal clear waters and mighty forests, the Ceahlau undeniably allures you and only lets you go after it had filled you with energy and enthusiasm.