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Buzau RaftingRafting is a dynamic sport, dedicated to the brave and to adrenaline lovers. A trip on the spumous mountain river together with your friends and colleagues is an extremely challenging and fun experience. The thrill offered by this sport and the satisfaction you have when conquering the waves is unmatched, so don’t miss this experience!

The Buzau is one of the rivers which offer excellent conditions to practice rafting. Springing from the Ciucas Mountains, it passes wooded hills and reaches the plain area, from where it streams into the Siret. Thanks to the Siriu water storage dam, the river’s flow is all the more favorable to water rafting all throughout the year. Even during the summer months, when many courses lose their dynamic, the Buzau maintains the characteristics of a genuine mountain river.

Buzau RaftingRafting sectors:

The rafting area is situated near the dam and it combines surging portions with quiet ones, disposing of racing waves, crossovers, cascades and rocks. Furthermore, nature’s spectacle is truly amazing. Here are the most well known rafting routes:

• The Lunca Priporului - Valea Lupului Route, recommended for big boats. It measures 14 km and it has an easy to medium difficulty level (1-3) and the descent takes 3 to 4 hours.

• The Crasna - Siriu Storage Lake Route, more technical, with a length of 9 km. It is designed for two-person boats and experienced sportsmen. A trip lasts approximately an hour and a half.

On the Buzau River you will experience unforgettable moments with maximum adrenaline and a rare time adventure. A trip on the spumous waves is an experience you must try!

Buzau RaftingBuzau RaftingBuzau Rafting

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]