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Bistrita RaftingRafting is a highly appreciated sport by adventure lovers and thrill-seekers, as it offers a unique experience on the spumous mountain rivers. Challenging and fun, a rafting trip on the racing waves raises adrenaline to its maximum. However, there is no high risk, so beginners can get acquainted to water sports by practicing rafting.

Bistrita is one of the rivers offering excellent conditions for the practicing of this activity, as it has an impressive dynamic, powerful current and numerous crossovers. Springing from the Calimani Mountains, the river forms the ColibiÅ£a storage lake, and then it traverses BistriÅ£ei Gorges and the villages on BârgÓ‘ului Valley. Along its course you will admire wild, picturesque sceneries, as nature has remained pure in these places.

Bistrita RaftingRafting Sectors:

There are multiple rafting sectors in this area. The most well known are the following:

• A route ideal for beginners is situated close to Vatra Dornei. It starts upstream from Zugreni Gorges and reaches Toancei Gorges.

• A route of approximately 10 kilometers, between the ColibiÅ£a electric power station and Prundul Bârgăului commune, situated on the territory of Bistrita-Bârgăului commune.  The difficulty level of this sector is 3+ due to the very long portions with tempestuous waves.

Although water sports can be practiced on the Bistrita all throughout the year, the most favorable period for rafting and kayak is spring, when snow melts from the slopes. Furthermore, you can experience sea-kayaking and wind-surfing on the Colibita Lake. So get ready for a unique and energizing adventure in which you discover the secrets of sailing on quick waters.

Bistrita RaftingBistrita RaftingBistrita Rafting

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]