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In Piatra Mare mountains, the seasons masterfully come and go, delightful and full of charm. During spring and summer, the hills and valleys of the mountain dress up in a bright green coat, sprinkled with colored clumps of peony shrub, gentians and bluebells. It is the time when shepherds take their flocks to the mountain, invigorating the place with the sound of the bells. In autumn, the trees scatter golden and reddish leaves, strewing a noisy carpet that the wind sometimes embowels, revealing its gorgeous colors. In the end, the winter covers everything in a complete quietness, freezes the waterfalls and hides the crests in the thick fog.    

Located between the Brasov Depression and Predeal Mountains, the Piatra Mare massif is less spectacular than its neighbours with higher altitudes, but it is equally picturesque. Reaching 1844 meters in its highest point, the Piatra Mare Peak  is easily accessible, with marked routes that reveal the beauties carved in stone. Crossing the paths of this mountain you will discover the absolute quietness of the hights, the fresh and revigorating air, the feeling of unending freedom and the outstanding views.

Piatra Mare


Piatra Mare


Piatra Mare Peak

Discover the Piatra Mare Mountains

At the foot of the mountain there are rich beech forests, replaced by spruce forests as the altitude grows. Among the trees there are fragile flowers that enchant your view with their colors; among the sweet william, violas, sorrels and primroses you can see the edelweiss, the jewel of the Romanian mountains. Led by the springs' lisp, the birds' lively songs and warmed by the sun rays which timidly infiltrate through the branches, you will discover the wild world of Piatra Mare.

Starting from Timisul de Jos, from the point called Dambu Morii, the first objective you find is the Seven Stairs Canyon. The path climbs up smoothly through meadows and areas with small gorges, framed on both sides by the forest. Before seeing the gully dug in Jurassic limestone by the Sipoaia river, you will hear the sound of the tempestuous waterfalls. The canyon is formed by the sequence of seven water falls of various sizes, the biggest measuring 15 meters. You can cross it by climbing the metallic stairs which are fixed in the limestone walls, a challenging route that raises the level of adrenaline. We recommend you bring appropriate equipment, because the stairs can be slippery due to the water. The beauty of the canyon is grandiose, spectacular and unique. In winter, everything turns into a real ice world. Throughout all the seasons of the year, the landscape is unique and must not be missed.

If you approach the route starting from the Bunloc chalet, it will unveil an impressing rock formation. The Line of the Rocks is a giant stone wall, firm, wooded, with caves and arcades. Along the narrow path, framed on one side by the sinuous cliffs, and on the other side by a large valley, you will see small caves, with stalagmites and stalactites. The view generously opens over Brasov city, located at the bottom of the mountain. Along The Line of the Rocks there are marked routes for climbing. From here, the road leads to The Ice Cave, a vertical cave, very narrow, crossed by an extremely cold air current. Access in the cave is done by climbing the walls and the boulders fallen in front of the opening between the cliffs. Inside there is only natural light, so the second part of the cave is dark and the visitor needs a flashlight and proper equipment. The temperature is never over 0 Celsius degrees, favoring the snow preservation and the forming of ice columns. Even in the middle of summer, there is a frosty atmosphere in the cave. To enjoy the warm weather, don’t hesitate to visit The Bears’ Abyss, a cave without vault, bathed in sunlight. Close to it there is a lookout point from where you can see the splendor of the Piatra Mare Mountains.

Piatra Mare


Tamina Waterfall


Seven Stairs Canyon

From Timisu de Sus, a road goes up in serpentines to the Tamina Canyon and Waterfall. The gorges and the five waterfalls form an outstanding view that fills you with energy and lures you to discover the beauty of the mountain. The area is set up like the Seven Stairs Canyon, and on the left side of the mountain there are climbing routes. The landscape combines the asperity of the vertical walls, the white springs flowing in the valley and the bright green of the forest, being an oasis of shade in the droughty days. From the plateau of Piatra Mare Peak, the view is really overwhelming. In the distance you can see the Postavaru, Bucegi or Piatra Craiului Mountains, giving you the feeling of conquering the entire land which lies at your feet.

Access to the Piatra Mare massif is done from Timisu de Sus (towards the Tamina Waterfall), Timisu de Jos (towards the Seven Stairs Canyon), Sacele and Predeal. The marked paths can be traveled through by any mountain lover, equipped with appropriate footwear. Bunloc, Chiva and Piatra Mare chalets are gladly waiting for you anytime you need a hot tea or a place to spend the night. We recommend you several routes covering the massif’s most important attractions.

Bunloc Chalet - The Ice Cave - Piatra Mare Chalet Route (3-3½ hours, hardly accessible during winter).

Dambu Morii Chalet - Sapte Scari Canyon - Piatra Mare Chalet Route (3-3½ hours, inaccessible during winter).

Dambu Morii Chalet - The Bear’s Abyss - Piatra Mare Chalet - Piatra Mare Peak Route (3½-4 hours, accessible all throughout the year).

Timisu de Sus - Tamina Waterfall - Piatra Mare Peak - Piatra Mare Chalet Route (3½-4½ hours, hardly accessible during winter).

Piatra Mare Chalet


Piatra Mare

Predeal Resort

Predeal is a settlement located at the highest altitude in Romania (1030-1100 meters), with a climate of chilly summers, which draws tourists at the foot of the mountain. The resort is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, away from the turmoil of the city. The air with a big concentration of ozone, the treatment facilities and the modern hotels will convince you to come back to Predeal in order to relax, but also to have fun. Winter sports fans can ski and snowboard on the five slopes equipped with chairlift and téléski. Carnivals, festivities and sports competitions take place all throughout the year in the resort. On these occasions you can get to know the local customs and taste the traditional food of this region. In the city you can visit the Predeal Monastery, a small worship place, built in the Byzantine style. Being built with stone brought from the Caraiman Mountain, the church has fresco pieces inside dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. Walking in the resort you will discover picturesque landscapes at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, watched over by the mighty Caraiman.

The Piatra Mare Mountains maintain the genuine wilderness of the forest, the color fantasy of the sunny glades and the resistless quietness of the heights. The paths ribbon along spectacular cliffs, mysterious caves and racing springs. On the paths of the mountain you will energize, enjoying the spectacle of the surrounding nature. 

[An article written by Andreea Bertea]