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'Lac de Verde' is the ideal destination for an escapade combining relaxation and sports activities in the heart of nature. Situated in an extremely picturesque area, that of the Subcarpathian knobs, the golf club occupies a vast area at an altitude of over 600 meters. The distance to the great cities, the fresh air and the beautiful views recommend the location both for practicing sports and for private and corporate events.

Golf Lac de VerdeThe Golf Club in Breaza meets international standards, being the only luxury golf course in Romania. It presents a high difficulty level (8/10), it has 9 cups of short distances and an index of 58 even, and that is why it is especially recommended to experienced players. Beginners have areas where they can practice assisted by an instructor. If you are not one of the pros, you have two putting courses, a pitching and chipping course, a green for practice, indoor golf and a driving range with an automatic ball launcher; you can even rent the entire equipment from the club.

Golf courses are destined for all age categories and skill levels, including people with disabilities. Furthermore, junior camps are organized, an occasion for the little ones to share their passion and learn from one another. During training sessions, you will learn the basic techniques, the rules of the game and the etiquette on the golf course. Golf is an elegant, balanced, discrete and disciplined game, where there is no room for violent manifestations.

'Lac de Verde' is surrounded by forests, thus being a very pleasant place to spend your free time. Visitors can enjoy various recreation activities: paintball, archery, golf mobile rides, a zip line and an outdoor pool.  Those who want to know the surroundings can hike, and if you are looking for complete relaxation, we recommend the spa services. Don’t you find the idea attractive? The club offers lodgings and a restaurant, so you can plan for a long weekend.

'Lac de Verde' is a corner of pure nature which reenergizes you and makes you forget about your worries. Come and discover the sport of kings in a fairytale-like place!

Golf Lac de VerdeGolf Lac de VerdeGolf Lac de Verde

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]