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Adventure parks are a unique way of spending your free time in the middle of nature. Thrill-seekers can charge their batteries with adrenaline on the special laid out tracks, enjoying an unforgettable adventure. In the forests around Harghita and Sovata and in the park situated in the Praid salt mine, all your family can enjoy challenges and fun activities. Energize yourself and get ready and get ready for an active holiday!


Balu ParkBalu Park is situated in the Harghita-Bai resort, Harghita County, in a wooded area at the foot of the mountain. The park has routes for both adults and children and offers you the possibility to spend time with entertaining activities: bike rides, motocross, paintball, skating and skiing.

Adventurers can test their abilities on the following routes:

• 3 low difficulty routes for children, perfect for beginners, made of ropes, swings, logs, escalade walls;

• 1 medium difficulty route for children; it consists of slides and tyres;

• 1 easy route for adults, ideal for warm up;

• 1 medium difficulty route for adults;

• 1 difficult route for adults; it consists of a mobile bridge, double ropes and swings;

• 1 very difficult route for adults, recommended for experimented climbers;

• A family route;

• A 1 km zip line over the lake, the longest in Romania.

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Club Aventura PraidBalu ParkBalu Park

Club Aventura Praid is situated in Sovata Resort, a picturesque resort in Transylvania, known for its healing lakes. It is the only adventure park in Europe set up in a salt mine. Situated 120 m underground, the location is open throughout winter as well.  The park has a route for children, one for adults and a zip line, and all the elements are put up on the salt walls. Club Aventura offers you not only the perfect entertainment place for you and your family, but a healing environment to enjoy all of these activities as well.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]