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In the adventure parks around Sibiu you can spend your free time in a fun and active way. The special laid out tracks will charge your batteries with energy and adrenaline, and you will live a unique experience. If you like challenges and you are a thrill-seeker, don’t hesitate to test your limits right in the middle of nature.


Arka ParkArka Park is situated in the Păltiniş mountain resort, 24 km from Sibiu. The location has the advantage of being set up in a beautiful natural environment, offering a generous view over Cindrel Mountains. The activities in the park draw both children and adults and offer them an unforgettable outdoor experience. Arka Park challenges you on the following routes:

• 1 very easy route for children with ages between 3 and 7;

• 2 low difficulty routes for children;

• 2 easy-medium routes for children and adults;

• 2 medium-difficulty routes for children and adults;

• 2 high difficulty routes for children and adults;

• 1 medium difficulty route for teams;

• A zip line for children;

• 3 zip lines for children and adults.

Arka ParkArka ParkArka Park

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]