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Adventure parksAdventure parks are the perfect alternative for adrenaline lovers who seek a unique way of spending time. Located in the forests around Bucharest, these adventure parks have various routes, with different difficulty levels, being appropriate for children as well as for adults. So get ready for a fun and challenging weekend.


The Cernica Extreme Park is situated in Cernica forest, 15 km from Bucharest. Set up on the shores of a lake, the park has picnic spaces and swings where you can enjoy the cool breeze and the shade of the trees. The 9 routes of progressive difficulty all start and end at ground level. They are the following:

Extreme Park Cernica• 2 yellow routes for children over 6 years old, ideal for beginners;

• 1 orange route for children over 8;

• 3 green routes with heights up to 8 meters, suited for children between 8 and 10;

• 2 blue routes with a height of over 10 meters, for children with ages between 10 and 14;

• 1 red route which requires a good physical condition and lots of energy, for those over 16;

• An 800 meter zip line over Lake Cernica.

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EdenlandEdenland is situated in the BaloteÅŸti commune, 20 km away from Bucharest. Set up in the woods, away from the turmoil of the city, it is a perfect space for the entire family. No matter your age, there’s a wide range of fun, relaxing activities you can try out: bicycle rides, target archery, airsoft, paintball. The courageous can try a pendular jump from a height of 15 meters, while children can play in areas set up especially for them.  There are rest and dining areas in the park as well. Edenland offers unique accommodation, in its spacious, rustic tree houses.

The park has 11 routes designed for both children and adults.

EdenlandThese are:

• 2, low difficulty routes for children with ages between 4 and 6;

• 2, low difficulty routes for adults and accompanied children;

• 4, medium difficulty routes for adults and accompanied children;

• 1  difficult route for adults and accompanied children;

• 1 very difficult route, exclusively for adults;

• the Edenjump route, for those over 16.

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Comana Adventure ParkThe Comana Adventure Park is situated 35 km from Bucharest, in Comana forest, Giurgiu County. It is situated in a natural area protected by law, where you can hike or go on bike, boat and kayak rides. If you want to relax and take advantage of nature’s quietness, this is the perfect place for a picnic on the shores of the lake. The Comana Pond and the numerous birds nesting here will certainly please your eye.

The adventure park has 4 children’s routes and 3 routes for adults, as well as a zip line over the lake. If you are not a passionate climber, there are other ways to occupy your time: target archery, a tennis field, fishing or carriage rides.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]