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Adventure parks are the perfect alternative for adrenaline lovers looking for a unique way to spend time. Situated at the foot of Bucegi Mountains and in the tourist resorts near Brasov, the parks have routes with different levels of difficulty, suited both for the little ones and the adults. Spice up your holiday with adrenaline and challenges for the entire family!


Parc AventuraParc Aventura is situated in Noua neighborhood in Brasov and it is one of the biggest parks of this sort in Romania. Set up in a rich and breezy forest, near a lake, the park has laid out routes for all ages, offering an original outdoor experience. The park has the following laid out routes:

• 4 routes for children under 8, perfect for beginners;

• 2 routes with a maximum height of 3 meters, ideal for beginners and for children over 8;

• 3 medium difficulty routes, reaching a maximum height of 6 meters;

• 2 medium difficulty routes for children over the age of 12 and adults;

• 2 high difficulty routes for children over the age of 14 and adults;

• 1 very difficult, 20 m high route, dedicated to people over 16;

• A zip line over the lake, 111 m long and 3 m high;

• A mini-bungee jumping from a height of 16 meters.

Parc AventuraParc AventuraParc Aventura

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]