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Transylvania Trail Traverse

Sept 2017

Transylvania Trail Traverse made its debut in 2014 and takes place annually in the Bucegi Mountains. It is one of the few mountain ultra marathon races in Romania, a genuine challenge even for experienced runners.

 Transylvania Trail TraverseTTT is first of all a technique race; the big level difference and the obstacles on the track raise the difficulty level of the competition to an extreme. The narrow pathways, the tight serpentines, the impressive abrupt crests, the suspended mountain paths, the track portions with chains and the imposing Omu Peak, which the contestants have to climb three times, all of these are the ingredients of a wild race, full of obstacles but also achievements. The beauty of the natural sceneries and the satisfaction of overcoming your limits compensate for the effort. Wide valleys, cascades, rivers, alpine meadows and rocks escaladed by chamois – here’s a sight you won’t forget.

The race starts in Bran, and the contestants must conquer the heights along three routes:

• Trail Silvania has a length of 26 kilometers and a positive level difference of 2465 meters.

• Trail Vlad Å¢epeÅŸ measures 52,3 kilometers and has a positive level difference of 4200 meters. It offers two qualification points for Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc.

• Trail Dracula has a length of 106 kilometers and a positive level difference of 8500 meters. It can be crossed in two ways: non-stop or in two stages (with overnight rest time). It offers four qualification points for UTMB.

Dracula and Vlad Å¢epeÅŸ are semi self-sufficient races, so that along the tracks contestants must carry food and the necessary equipment. The little ones can be enlisted in The Children’s Race, with different age categories. The awards go to the first three qualified in each track.

Transylvania Trail Traverse is a race for runners who have no limits. So accept the challenge. Ready, steady, go!  

 Transylvania Trail Traverse Transylvania Trail Traverse Transylvania Trail Traverse Transylvania Trail Traverse

* In 2017, the race is going to be held in September.

* The web page of the event:

[An article written by Andreea Bertea]