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Transilvania Tattoo Expo

Jul 2017

Transilvania TattooTransilvania Tattoo Expo was inaugurated in 2009 and takes place annually at Sibiu. It is the biggest tattoo and body piercing convention in Eastern Europe, gathering tens of tattoo artists from the country and abroad in one place.

The event aims to promote unconventional art forms and means of artistic expression presenting the public with body art. The participants are invited to painting, graphic, aerography, graffiti and body painting workshops, held by famous artists. During the three days there are tattoo contests which stimulate the creative spirit and offer the spectators a chance to admire very colored, varied, and nonconformist works. They are evaluated by a specialized jury and awarded within several categories.

Each year, the convention has a specific thematic reflected in the decorating style of the location, in the shows and in the artistic activities. Whatever the theme, the electrifying concerts are ever present, along with the workshops, motorcycles and a chill out area. If you are passionate about tattoos, Sibiu is the place to find the secrets of this art from professionals.

It’s time to get an original and daring tattoo. Get it at Transilvania Tattoo Expo !

Transilvania TattooTransilvania TattooTransilvania TattooTransilvania Tattoo

* In 2017 the convention is going to be held in July.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]