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Salsa Addicted Festival


Salsa Addicted Festival

The 'Salsa Addicted Festival' came to life in 2008 and it is the largest international salsa congress held in Romania. The event takes place annually in March at Timisoara. For five days, instructors and performers  from the country and abroad celebrate and have a good time on their favorite rhythms.

The festival begins with a party where you have the opportunity to meet other people as passionate about salsa as you are, but also world famous dancers. Even if you are an amateur dancer, you can learn the basic moves during one of the many workshops held by Romanian and foreign dancers. In class, different dancing styles are approached: salsa on one, salsa on two, kizomba, bachata, cha cha, afro jazz, zouk, pachanga and reggaeton. Even further, elements of dance etiquette are debated, as well as spinning techniques and body motion harmony.

The atmosphere is kept alive by professional dancers, next to whom the beginners learn their first salsa steps. Romanian and foreign DJs are present at Timisoara to animate the party with incendiary rhythms. The festival ends with thematic parties, where participants must respect a dress code.

The 'Salsa Addicted Festival' awaits for all salsa fans to heat up the dance floor and party till the break of dawn. The cheerfulness, the show, the music and the people you meet here, all contribute to creating a holiday atmosphere, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.

Salsa Addicted FestivalSalsa Addicted FestivalSalsa Addicted Festival

* In 2017, the festival will take place on 2nd to 6th of March.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]