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Colibita Bike Fest

Aug 2017

The 'Colibita Bike Fest' competition came to life in 2010 and it is held every year in August, close to Colibita barrier, in Bistrita Bargaului commune (Bistrita Nasaud county). For three days in a row, amateur and professional bicyclists are invited to demonstrate their abilities and have fun in a sports camp atmosphere. 

Colibita LakeDuring this event, competitions of dual slalom, dirt jump, trial and MTB XC marathon are organized. For the trial bike competition there are 11 tracks packed with natural obstacles: roots, logs, rocks. The participants will be divided into two categories: seniors and elites. At the dual slalom trial, the race alternates the ramps and the turntables on a length of 170 meters. The dirt jumping trial takes place along tabletop ramps and a drop. The track for the MTB XC marathon has 40 km, including a forest road and an asphalt one. 

The trainings take place in the first day of the event, while the competitions are scheduled for the following two days. The categories for participants are as follows: women (over the age of 14) and men: 14 - 18 years old, 19 - 35 years old, over 35 years old. The first three competitors from each category win cash prizes or sports gear.

There is a special camping area set up at Colibita, so that participants and spectators can have the opportunity to share their passion for extreme sports. Entertainment is provided by the parties organized every evening. 'Colibita Bike Fest' stands for adrenaline, adventure, performance and a good mood. Don’t miss this experience !

Colibita Bike FestColibita Bike FestColibita Bike Fest

* In 2017, the competition will take place in August.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]