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Cheile Nerei Mountain Bike Race

Jun 2017

'Cheile Nerei Mountain Bike Race' began in 2014 and takes place in June in Sasca MontanÓ‘ commune, CaraÅŸ-Severin County. The event is addressed to both amateur and professional cyclists and has a charity purpose.

Cheile Nerei Mountain Bike RaceLovers of the two-wheel sports and those who are passionate about riding their bike in the great outdoors are invited to discover in a most unexpected way one of the wildest and most spectacular sceneries in mountainous Banat. The stormy Nera has dug an amazing defile into the Aninei Mountains, rich in impressive tourist attractions. You can see some of them along the two routes proposed by the organizers of the competition: the Race Track (38 kilometers) and the Elite Track (75 kilometers). Children can participate in a race according to their age. The tracks destined to adults are varied and have large portions of rough ground, considerably raising the adrenaline level. The categories for participants are: 14-17 year olds, 18-29 year olds, 30-39 year olds, and over 40. The awards go to the first three qualified for each age category.

The trainings and the competition take place in the same day and the evening ends with an outdoor concert. If you have an adventurer’s spirit and you want to explore untraveled paths, align to the start of the race. You will be awarded with good cheers, positive energy and extreme sensations.

Cheile Nerei Mountain Bike RaceCheile Nerei Mountain Bike RaceCheile Nerei Mountain Bike Race

* In 2017, the contest will take place in June.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]