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Apulum Roman Festival

May 2017

Festivalul Roman ApulumThe Apulum Roman Festival was inaugurated in 2013 and it is held in the Alba Carolina Fortress, in the city of Alba Iulia. For a period of three days, the historical reenactment troops from Romania or from abroad recreate the rituals and customs of the Roman and Dacian times.

During the event, a torch parade is organized, as well as presentations of military techniques, gladiator fights and pankration (a fight with all the resources).  The fascinating ancient world reveals itself to the audience with the elegant Dance of the Nymphs and the ritual of Ares. Laser shows, theatre plays, historical exhibitions and concerts recreate the atmosphere of Alba Carolina Fortress’ days of glory.

Festivalul Roman ApulumThe young and the old can learn the art of craftsmanship by attending workshops which focus on ancient artifacts (smithery, skin dressing, pottery, bone carving, target shooting, cooking, hair dressing) or on medieval activities (sword handling, interactive history and story telling). From here you can purchase hand made souvenirs to remind you of the Apulum Fest. You are invited to watch Thracian games, military trainings and archery demonstrations.

The main attractions of the event are the ceremony of changing the fortresses' guard, followed by cannon charges and the final battle between the Dacians and the Romans. Reenacted in detail, these offer a genuine outdoor history lesson. Do not hesitate to take pictures with the giant dolls or to dance with the ladies and the knights on the rhythms of medieval music. A special moment of the festival is represented by the slave fare. In exchange for a sum of money, the buyer receives an archery lesson or a tour of the fortress.

For three days in a row, the Alba Carolina Fortress commemorates history, reminding us of the fearsome deeds of the Dacians and the Romans. The thematic workshops, combat demonstations, exhibits, together with the games and dances create a holiday-like atmosphere which attracts thousands of tourists.

Festivalul Roman ApulumFestivalul Roman ApulumFestivalul Roman ApulumFestivalul Roman Apulum

* In 2017, the festival will take place in May.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]