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"The Youth Of Brasov" Parade

Apr 2017

"The Youth of Brasov" (Junii Brasovului) is a very old tradition, with roots in the pre-Christian era and it has been celebrated in Brasov ever since 1910. Every year, on the first Sunday after  Easter, groups of riders parade trough the center of the city, celebrating the arrival of spring and the rebirth of nature.

Youth of BrasovIn time, the Youth Parade became a ritual symbolizing the right earned by the young men in the Middle Ages to enter the Brasov Fortress on horseback once a year. The festival starts in the morning when the young men prepare their costumes and horses, and they pass by the houses of the bailiffs, provost marshals and standard bearers. Afterwards, they form a column after a predetermined order and, led by a brass band, they set off for Unirii Plaza where a priest blesses the flags. The groups of riders surround the statue of the Unknown Hero and then they move on towards Solomon’s Stones, where they dance the Youth Reel and they challenge themselves in throwing the mace. The party lasts until sunset, the girls are invited to dance and the cheerful atmosphere is heated up by folk songs and traditional dances. In the evening, the participants return to Unirii Plaza and enter the fortress, making a stop at the cemetry in Saint Paraschiva’s church.

Youth of BrasovThe young men form seven groups, each distinguishing itself by the traditional costumes passed on from one generation  to another and by the horses' harnesses. The parade is led by the 'Young' men, followed by the 'Old' ones. Next are the 'Turkey Youngsters', the 'Dorobanti Youngsters', and finally the 'Brasovecheni Youngsters', the 'Rosiori Youngsters' and the 'Albiori Youngsters'. Each year the riders are welcomed with joy and accompanied along their  route by the cheering crowd.

The "Junii Brasovului" fest is one of the most beautiful open air parades in Romania. Marking the beginning of the spring, the celebration emphasizes the beauty of the city under Mount Tampa, the old traditions kept by the elders, the music, dances and the skills of the young men.

Youth of BrasovYouth of BrasovYouth of BrasovYouth of Brasov

* In 2017, the parade will take place in April.

[An article written by Andreea Bertea]