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“Plai” Festival

Sep 2017

"Plai" Festival made its debut in 2006 and takes place annually in September at the Banat Village Museum in TimiÅŸoara. The event brings artists from all over the world on stage, bringing about a genuine cultural journey.

Plai FestivalAt "Plai" you don’t only experience music, but also a weekend in the great outdoors, full of fun and cultural activities. The artisans in Banat share the secrets of their traditional art, giving weaving, pottery, painting, engraving and sculpting demonstrations. On the alleys of the museum, in an authentic rural décor, they organize workshops for all ages: the little ones will play freely and the grownups will discover arts and crafts to develop their creativity. In the three days of the festival you are invited to participate in ecology, plastic arts, music and theatre workshops, photo exhibits, book launches, short film and documentary projections.

The evenings are animated by concerts given by renowned national and international artists. Here are some names that have performed at "Plai" throughout time: Patrice, Zaz, Mariza, Maïa Vidal, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Susana Baca. This year, the party will be animated by Asian Dub Foundation, Balako, Light in Babylon, SubcarpaÅ£i, Carminho and others.

"Plai" Festival is a mini-vacation at the end of summer. Each member of the family will definitely find an attractive activity and discover new passions here. So take your tent, set it in the museum camping and enjoy a wonderful weekend in nature.

Plai FestivalPlai FestivalPlai FestivalPlai Festival

* In 2017, the festival will take place in September.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]