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“Peninsula / Félsziget” Festivalul

Jul 2017

The “Peninsula/Félsziget” Festival made its debut in 2003 in Targu Mures and it is held annually in July or August. The event is organized in collaboration with the organizers of the “Sziget” Fest in Hungary.

Peninsula - FélszigetOver time, “Peninsula” became one of the biggest music festivals in Romania. During the four days of the fest, dozens of bands of different music genres walk on stage: from rock, pop, metal, electro all the way to folk, blues and jazz. Artists from the country but also foreigners create an incendiary atmosphere, and the audience cheers and has fun with them well into the middle of the night. Among the artists and the bands that were here before we can name: The Rasmus, Above and Beyond, Fedde le Grand, ParovStelar, The Prodigy, Tiesto, Morcheeba, Theatre of Tragedy, Gojira, Apocalyptica, Iggy Pop, TinieTempah, The Straits, SuiePaparude, Vita de Vie, Vama.

 At “Peninsula” nobody gets bored, during the day you can take part in sport events (football, basketball, table tennis, volley, badminton, paintball, swimming, etc.), graffiti contests, or various workshops. Moreover, there are theatre plays, dance and stand-up comedy performances or movie projections. The “Peninsulars”, as they call the participants, can do whatever crosses their minds, bungee jumping, kart or even mule races.

The “Peninsula” Fest means four days of guaranteed fun with friends in the campingarea, good music and loads of exciting activities.

Peninsula - FélszigetPeninsula - FélszigetPeninsula - FélszigetPeninsula - Félsziget

* In 2017, “Peninsula” Fest will take place in July.  

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]