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"Medieval Sighisoara" Festival

Jul 2017

Medieval Sighisoara„SighiÅŸoara MedievalÓ‘” Fest (Medieval SighiÅŸoara Fest) was inaugurated in 1992 and it takes place yearly in the last weekend of July. During this period, the fortress goes back to the times of the Middle Ages, drawing tens of thousands of visitors from Romania and abroad.

Throughout the event, there are theatre and dance performances, poetry recitals, medieval music concerts, exhibitions, film projections, conferences and weaponry presentations. You will see young ladies wearing elegant dresses and knights with weapons riding horses. Those who want can rent medieval costumes and go for a walk on the narrow streets of the fortress. The festival makes its debut with a presentation of the knightly orders in the country and abroad, and the holiday program has plenty of medieval fights that the tourists can participate in.

Medieval SighisoaraYou will hear medieval music each day during the festival. The bands invited have live concerts and enchant the public playing the flute, mandolin, tambourine or other long-forgotten instruments. Troubadours and minstrels compete in demonstrating their virtuosity, accompanied by the fortress’ famous drummer. The reenactment of certain traditions and customs dating back to the Middle Ages brings a fabulous spark inside the walls of the citadel. You can assist in public or witch trials, convictions, incinerations of heroes and torch fights. Children will not get bored at the festival; for them, there will be theatre performances, dance schools and archery contests.

Craftsmen bring all sorts of objects from which you can choose souvenirs: paintings, wood articles, glass and leather, handmade jewelry, toys and natural products. After a festive day, the restaurants at the foot of the fortress will wait for you with delicious traditional dishes with medieval flavors: lamb on a spit, boar ribs, mutton stew, kurtos kalaks and other savory dishes.

„SighiÅŸoara MedievalÓ‘” Fest has a different theme each year, offering the tourists the opportunity to go on a journey in time on the streets of the fortress. The setting, the music, the characters coming from a different epoch, the traditions and the shows create a fascinating atmosphere which we invite you to discover.

Medieval SighisoaraMedieval SighisoaraMedieval Sighisoara

* In 2017, the festival will take place in July.

[An article written by Andreea Bertea]