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“Hard As A Rock” Festival

Aug 2017

“Tare ca Piatra” (“Hard as a Rock”) International Sports Festival was inaugurated in 2006 and takes place in Piatra NeamÅ£ at the end of July each year. The event promotes urban sports and it is addressed to both professionals and amateurs.

Hard as a RockThrill-seekers and adrenaline lovers can participate in downhill, skateboard, roller skating and BMX contests. The downhill trial takes place on a 3 kilometer track on massif Cozla; you can enlist in Hard Tail, Masters, Juniors and Seniors categories. The other trials take place on the esplanade in Curtea Domneasca Square, where there is a skate park. Basketball players are invited to take part in the Street Ball competition. The most talented participants can win awards, prizes and sports articles.

“Tare ca Piatra” Festival is the only event in north-eastern Romania dedicated to extreme sports. The natural sceneries and the adventure provided by the forest trail, the adrenaline of two or four wheel contests along with the surprising challenges attract thousands of amateur and professional sportsmen annually, both from the country and abroad. There are also shows and an atmosphere of high glee. Throughout the two days of the festival there are BMX and beatbox demonstrations. Don’t miss the handmade products fair, where you can buy souvenirs created by artisans. Evenings end on the Cozla Plateau, where DJs and Romanian artists entertain the public from dusk to dawn.

“Tare ca Piatra” is a festival for sports lovers and for adventurers. The competitive atmosphere, the people you will meet and the natural setting offer you a unique experience.

Hard as a RockHard as a RockHard as a Rock

* In 2017, the festival will take place in July.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]