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“Carpath Enduro” Competition

Jun 2017

The “Carpath Enduro” Contest started in 2011 under the name of “Hard Enduro Piatra NeamÅ£” and it takes place at the end of June in the TarcÓ‘u Mountains. It is the third stage of the Extreme Enduro European Cup, a competition held between January and October in five European states: Great Britain, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Germany.

Carpath EnduroFor three days on a row Piatra Neamţ becomes the perfect destination for riders addicted to adrenaline. The wild scenery and the challenging tracks attract professional sportsmen from abroad, but also amateurs looking for new experiences. Depending on their training level, participants can enter the competition under the following categories: Hobby, Profi, Experts, Veterans (over 40) and Girls. The tracks have natural and artificial obstacles and consist of three portions: one in the super-enduro style, a technical area and one of classic enduro. The first 20 contestants in the Profi category receive points in the Extreme Enduro European Cup.

“Carpath Enduro” begins on a Friday, with free trainings and a prologue on Mount Cozla. In the following two days, the mountain races begin. Along the years, the world’s best riders participated in the competition, shining names in the global elite of hard enduro. On Sunday, after the award ceremony, the participants have the chance to meet the champions at the party which ends the event. Get ready for a grandiose show and for an extreme dose of adrenaline. So sign up for Carpath Enduro!

Carpath EnduroCarpath EnduroCarpath Enduro

* In 2017, the event will take place in June. 

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]