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"ARTmania" Festival

Aug 2017

„ARTmania” Festival began in 2006 and takes place annually, in August, at Sibiu. The event supports cultural activities and the fine arts, bringing important rock music artists on stage.

„ARTmania” offers the public numerous possibilities to relax and have fun. They organize photography and painting exhibits, workshops on different themes and movie projections at the Dracula Film Festival. You can also take part in book launches and you can visit the museum and the galleries in Sibiu. You will have many other surprises, which we invite you to discover at the festival.

ARTmaniaLovers of rock music will sing and dance with their favorite artists until midnight. The concerts take place on four stages set up in different areas. There is free access to the concerts in the Grand Square in Sibiu. The ARTmania Acoustic Stage will be set up in the interior yard of Brukenthal Palace and the yard of the History Museum will host the ARTmania Post Rock Stage. ARTmania Vampires’ Den, situated in BalanÅ£a complex, is a surprising stage. If you have a pass you can enjoy not only the awesome concerts in this unique place, but also the reading spaces, board games and video projections. Here you will find make-up and tattoo artists ready to 'tune' your look to fit the event.

For three days you will enjoy impressive shows given by renowned rock artists. Some of the names who have performed at ARTmania are Hauschka, Daemonia Nymphe, Tides from Nebula, Diary of Dreams, Rage, On Theos, Equilibrium, Therion, The Hourglass, etc.

„ARTmania” Festival reunites the fine arts in a space known for its cultural richness. At Sibiu you will enjoy good music and guaranteed fun and you will be able to visit the city’s most attractive places.


* In 2017, the festival will take place in August.

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[An article written by Andreea Bertea]